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App Organization

How to move Apps:
Touch and hold on any app until it shakes. Once the apps are shaking you can free drag and drop them around the screen by touching the app, holding down, and dragging your finger to the destination you would like to release the app. To move the app to another screen, drag the app as close to the edge of the visible screen as you can to turn the page. Once the page turns continue dragging the app to the destination you wish to release it at. (Note- when moving apps between screens, if your finger goes completely into the black border around the visible screen, you may lose contact with the app and the screen won't turn.)

How to create Folders:
Follow the process above for moving an app. Once you have the app, drag it on top of another app you want to put in the same folder. A black border will appear, release and a folder will be created. There will be a field at the top allowing you to name the folder how you wish.

How to delete Folders:
Hold down on any app until they shake. Once the apps are shaking, you can enter a folder and drag all the apps out of it. Once all the apps have been dragged out of the folder, the folder will delete itself.