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App Management

App Deletion: To delete an App- Touch and hold on the app until it shakes. An X with a circle around it will appear in the top left corner of all deletable apps on your iOS device. Tap the X to delete the App. Some Apps cannot be deleted. These Apps are either part of the operating system App suite or they are managed by another system such as Meraki.  If you cannot delete any apps, chances are restrictions have been enabled on your device to prevent students from accidentally or purposely deleting important Apps and data. Contact Tech support if you have questions about this.

App Multitasking: To quickly switch from one running app to another running app, without losing your place, or dropping back to the home screen, simply double click the home button. A bar appears at the bottom of the screen showing all apps that are currently running in the background on your iOS device. Simple swipe left and right on the apps to navigate the bar and find the app you are looking for. This can be done at any time, right in the middle of a song or a game. A common example would be referencing information on a website then quickly swapping back to an email or document where you type or paste that information. Note- In order to quickly swap apps, both the apps your looking for need to be open and running. If they are not, you will be be able to find them in the multitasking bar. You will have to return home and launch the app from the home screens as normal.

App Force Quit: Whenever you open an app, it runs and stays running until you actually quit the app, just like on a computer. For example we open the "Mail" app, use it for a few minutes then hit the home button and open Solitaire to kill some time and play cards. Then you put the iPad to sleep. When you return to the iPad you go home and open Safari to research the recent local news. Hitting the home button or putting the iPad to sleep does not quit any of the 3 applications we just opened. They are all currently running in the background, using a small amount of resources and battery power. To conserve these resources and battery power and make your device run longer and faster you should quit apps you no longer need to have open.

To do this double tap the home button to open the multitasking bar as described above. Then touch and hold any of those apps in the bar. A red minus symbol will appear in the top left corner of all the apps in the bar. Tap the red minus to force each of the apps closed. Now you have completely quit the apps and they are no longer using background resources and power.